Double Standard Democracy

How lies and accusations move the needle

As the election has now been (mostly) tallied and called in the real world, there is a battle raging on underneath.

Trump Republicans (Trumpicans? Trublicans?) have picked up on the tuba sized dog whistle that the current commander-in-chief has been blowing for the entirety of his political existence. With a wink and a nod everyone falls in line and the messaging starts to coalesce around the latest ridiculous accusation:

Against all odds the Democrats have somehow rigged the election against President Trump by doing… stuff. Enough of that “stuff” apparently, that it made a meaningful impact on the vote counts in just a handful of key states (the ones he lost of course)
This talking point is not a surprise, it is not “real” news and it’s not even possible given the decentralized nature of American elections.

All politics is local

From the Condo Association, to the Neighborhood Watch, to the Town, to the County to the State to the Feds. Each level is essentially an independent group made up of individuals. To pull off an election fraud so vast and so complicated that it could tilt the US election would have to be coordinated yet hidden at so many impossible levels that it doesn’t even begin to sound possible when you start pulling at even the slightest threads in the theory.

Also at the same time, because there is a global coronavirus pandemic, most states relied heavily on absentee balloting. This was not “initiated” by one party or the other, this was a common-sense solution to the myriad of problems of even having an election during a public health emergency that’s been raging for close to 11 months.

The only issue that seems to get any traction whatsoever is that somehow the partisan monitors in PA were not letting the monitors in as close enough to their liking while the ballots were being counted. The Trump campaign brought it to court and the court said to let them come closer.

Every other complaint has come up as nonsense. No… Dead Voters did not turn out in droves in “certain” key states (one instance in NY is the only example available)

Democrats need to be honest with themselves on what they are up against here.

The “Alt-Right” is a perverted combination of the Tea Party, the core Trump base and various other under-informed groups (mainly 18–25 non-college whites) The Republican party no longer exists as it did less than a few decades ago. This new party is led by nothing more than blind hatred and outright lies.

Lying, gaslighting and disinformation are the weapons of choice. Democrats are at a major disadvantage with these tactics. While the democrats attempt to “take the high road” the right continues to take control of the conversation.

There is a clear double-standard between the behavior of the left verse the right

The Right has been actively perverting the truth. Baseless lies and innuendo on supposed crimes committed. It is important to note that when trying to shake down the leader of Ukraine, the Trump administration was not interested in an actual investigation, they simply wanted the ANNOUNCMENT of an investigation. This fact alone speaks volumes to the current strategies employed by the right in their attacks on the integrity of the 2020 election.

While the left attempts to “fact check” lies and disinformation in real time the right has already taken the ball down the field. In short the left needs to start calling this out for what it is, complete and utter BULLSHIT. The truth is the only thing that matters in this environment and the republican party has hijacked it for their own purposes with “alternative facts” and nonsense conspiracy theories involving super computers, Blockchain and who the hell knows type noise.



gerund or present participle: cheating


act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, especially in a game or examination.

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